I got the idea of going to Finland for the Eurowinner show late in 2005, and when it was clear that the 7th JKC japanese breeds special show was the same weekend, I just had to go! The rabies vaccination program takes some time, but the result came back, and we were set to go.  And in the last minute I got a super travelling companion.

I left home the evening 6th of June. I slept in a cabin in Krokom, and arrived at kennel Isamashiis and Josefine just south of Stockholm on wednesday afternoon. Josefine was taking her dog "Kelso", Kaminari Halne Wzgórze, and Eikou and Kelso were friends from the first sight. Very early thursday morning, we left for the ferry. Just in front of in the line, was Siv Baekken from Norway, with her lagotto, Durc. I think all four of us slept most of the day, and both dogs behaved perfect on the ferry.

We were staying at Tiinas place, kennel Gozzytix, in Finland. So it was nice to have a reunion with some old friends, Dairin, Ossi and Tuire. Eikou and Kelso enjoyed the outside kennel after spending hours in the car and on the ferry. We had an early start, both Friday and Saturday, but the drive to Helsinki was nice because the roads were excellent and the speed limit was 120 km/h.  

We had to leave Helsinki quite early on Saturday afternoon to catch the ferry, but we did see the Best brace competition, with our favorite, the malamutes, to win, and we saw the line up for BIS veteran. I also bumped into mr Akio Kuroki, the Japanes judge who the judge at the Norwegian Japanese breed show in 2003. He remembered me, and gave me his sincere congratulations for Eikous results on friday. And he renewed his invitation to wisit him in Japan. 

Sunday morning I met Eikous brother Ak-inu-bas I-ma-ru Chie-Zou, "Harry", who lives in Stockholm. We took the dogs for a walk in a big park and found a place they could run free. I think Eikou enjoyed running, but she was too tired to play with Harry... But Harry could run! It was nice to take this walk before getting in the car and driving the remaining 800 km back home.

We arrived back home on Sunday evening. And even though it was Marija Kavcic to judge the NKK international show in Drammen, Norway, the following weekend, I was glad I didn't enter...

JKCs Japanes Breeds Show in Europe

The Japanese kennel club sent 4 judges to Helsinki for judging four of the japanese breeds. The show had a large entry; 51 akitas, 85 japanese chins, 115 japanese spitz and 85 shibas.

AKITAS was judged by Mr Yusuke Kawakita, a former AKIHO judge with more than 30 years experience from more than 300 akita shows! BOB & BIS was INT Uch SV01 KBHV01 NordV02 Amateraso no Ida-Ten from Sweden. BOS was INT Multi Ch EuroW-04-05 Asayake Go Shun'Yuo Kensha from Spain. male, BOB veteran & BIS veteran was  INT Multi Ch Multi W Dairin Go Fukuoka Tokuhisa from Finland.

Number one junior dog, and dog was Goushi Go Yahata Kensha, a very beautiful, but small, japanese import from Spain.  

Number one junior bitch was Ak-inu-bas I-ma-ru Eikou no Hoshi. There was only given 3 excellent for a total of 10 entries in this class. Standing first in line with a blue ribbon saying "First prize - Japan Kennel Club" was the best moment ever in the ring for me! The judge decided quickly on the 3 best bitches, but for 4th place he chose between Eikou and a nice champion bitch. Eikou was a bit tired so she was not as alert as I wanted, so the champion bitch got 4th place. But I'm not dissapointed! It was a very hard competition. So now we have to go back home and practice some more...

I still can't put words on the feeling I had when the judge pointed me to the first place. I hoped for a decent critique from a Japanese judge, but my hopes went down when I saw the entries to the junior class. Several with pure japanes parent, even a japanese import.... And there I was, with my little "home made" dog from Norway...  We were first in the ring and I was sso excited for my excellent that I had to calm down a bit, and Eikou needed to rest because this was taking time. So I didn't see what he gave the rest of the class. So when I reentered the ring as the judge was juding the last one, I got nervous because I didn't believe we were among the 3 best juniors. 

Eikous critique:
Excellent type. Excellent head expression. Eyes ears correct. Correct bite. Body is well proportioned and well balanced. Back is straight and strong. Front is correct. Forequarter, hind quarter good angulated. Tail is correct. Well balanced and free movement. Excellent coat texture and colour. Excellent character.

2nd best bitch was FIN EST LV Ch LVV06 Tamame Go Kotoka Kodamasou, a japanese import to Finland. 3rd best bitch was Keiko from Estland (parents were japanese imports) 4th best bitch was FIN S Ch FINV05 Kaakomäen Daijina from Finland, a daughter from Dairin og Tamame (both japanese imports). The Norwegian bitch INT Uch NV-00-03 NORDV-00-02 Ichiban's Ah-Ha Chikime no Kintos got "Very good", but didn't get placed in the champion class.

SHIBAS was judged by Mr Shigeki Fujie. BOB & 4BIS was NORD Uch SV-01 FINV-03 Explorer's Hiro. BOS was LUX VDH BELG D Uch Mara-Shimas the Warrior Princess.  N S Uch Ak-inu-bas Shiro Saki got Excellent and was 3rd best champion. 2nd best champion was Musashi go Soushuu Choumonsou, a famous japanese import to USA. The Norwegian shibas Honto-no Omamori og Pei Fang Red Baron also got Excellent.


Eurowinner show 2006

This day the akitas and shibas were judged in two different halls, so I couldn't follow the shibas. But next to our "base camp" we had the shiba EJW dog:Takechiyo-Go Enshu Hiroseso, and the "del Biagio camp" with shiba EW Sayuki del Biagio. BOB shiba, Sayuki del Biagio, is the halfbrother of Kitano del Biagio who lilves next to us! Kitano is the grandfather of our latest shiba litter. I had a long talk to Sayuki's owner, Elettra from italy, and she took the dog out from the crate so I could examine him for my self. He looked a lot like Kitano. N S Uch Ak-inu-bas Shiro Saki got Excellent again. Honto-no Omamori got the CC and was FIN Ch! 

AKITAS was judged by Marija Kavcic, Slovenia. The first winner title, EJW, was awarded a junior dog from Poland, Inochi-O Kakeru Haine Wzgorze. The next to get a title was INT Multi Ch Multi W Dairin Go Fukuoka Tokuhisa who got the veteran title EVW.

Ak-inu-bas I-ma-ru Eikou no Hoshi started the junior bitch class by getting Excellent. This judge awarded more Excellents than the Japanese judge, and there was even a new competitor from Italy present. Eikou was placed as number 2 in the class, so the EJW title went to a japanese import to Spain, Koisakura Go Yahata Kensha She also got the CAC, so Eikou was called back in to compete for the resCAC, and she won it!

It would have been nice to take the title, but in that case, I think I would not be down on this planet for some time.... And truly I feel that the result from the JKC show, with the specialist judge, was a bigger achivement than getting a title. A bit sad to be beaten by a bitch that didn't get Excellent by the Japanese judge, but that's dogshows...  

Eikous critique:
Nice type. Excellent head& expression. Nicely rounded muzzle. Full, tight lips. Correct dentuition. Excellent eyes & ears. Well developed body of correct proportions. Round bones. Full feet. Excellent movement. Excellent tailcarriage. Nice coat with deep rich colour. Excellent temperament.

BOB and EW was INT Multi Ch EuroW-04-05 Asayake Go Shun'Yuo Kensha from Spain, she is lovely, so she deserved to win! Silvia Exposito from kennel Shun'yuo, Spain, must be pleased by the results, since she is the owner of Takechiyo-Go Enshu Hiroseso, Asayake Go Shun'Yuo Kensha, Koisakura Go Yahata Kensha og Goushi Go Yahata Kensha. You can see pictures of all her dogs at Shun'yuo